This is UK organist Jonathan Scott performing the "Little" Fugue in g minor of J.S. Bach on the historic 1905 T.C. Lewis organ of Chesterfield parish "the Crooked Spire" church, Derbyshire, UK.

This gutsy, red-blooded performance with its huge symphonic sound, powerful pedal reeds, extremely swift tempo, and modest beginning dynamic growing into a resounding conclusion with the full organ more typical of a French Romantic organ toccata in crescendo style clearly shows the influence of Virgil Fox who made a similar recording of this same work at Royal Albert Hall.

One notes in this clip, among other things, the broken touch, the near abandonment of the use of the heels on the pedals, and the liberties taken with the last statement of the theme in the pedal an octave down and the multiplication of notes and heavy accents in the penultimate and final chords, all of which are modern developments.

This video is also noteworthy for the fine videography, the seemingly effortless control shown which makes the performance of this tricky little piece look easy, the fact that every note was memorized, and the judicious insertion of a final trill in the right hand while omitting all superfluous ornamentation which some performers of today choose to pepper throughout the work even when doing so risks interfering with delivery to the listener of all the majestic powers at work on the page.

We offer our highest compliments and sincere thanks to Mr. Scott for posting this instructive video for public viewing.

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