This is world class organist Katelyn Emerson performing the Toccata from the Fifth Symphony for Organ Op. 42, No. 5 by Charles-Marie Widor on the Op. 40 Buzard organ of St. Vincent Archabbey at Latrobe, Pennsylvania, a work which has been recorded innumerable times by some of the most talented organists around the globe on some of the grandest pipe organs in the world.

This recording clocks in at just the right speed, about 6:45, which would make the composer very happy since so many organists of his day, against his wishes, played it entirely too fast and turned this work of his into nothing more than a time trial.  Of interest in this video is the excellent camera work, the seemingly effortless control, the fact that every note was memorized, the consistent but nuanced tempo which keeps the rhythm going without the music sounding mechanical page after page, the tremendous accents, the observance of diminuendos as the score indicates, the skillful use of registration, and those fabulous final chords correctly timed -- everything combining to bring out all of the majestic powers at work on the page.  

This is how it's done, friends, and how it SHOULD be done, time after time.  It doesn't get any better than this.  We offer this beautiful young lady our highest compliments and sincerest thanks for recording and posting this fine video on YouTube for public viewing.

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