Old lithograph, a likely architectural draft, of the Kimball factory complex in southside Chicago located on 7 acres at 26th and Rockwell Streets, built c.1888
Construction began on KPO 6763 in Feb 1924, it took 8 months to build, and was installed and dedicated at Saint Louis in Oct of that same year.
Massive 1974 fire which destroyed the old 7-story Kimball factory purchased from Kimball by neighboring McCormick (International Harvester) Works in 1954.
The Feb 1974 fire involved 250 firemen (1/4 of the Chicago fighters on duty), 60 pieces of equipment, and the city's 3 water cannons to extinguish.
The building caught fire "mysteriously" in 4-5 locations on a Sunday afternoon during a time when it was being demolished, and the heat was felt 6 blocks away.

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