Nov. 29, 2021

Why Music

"Steer clear of someone who does not like music ..."
-- Ludwig van Beethoven

Why learn the organ ? ... why learn ABOUT it ? ... why listen to it ? ...
For that matter, why be interested in music at all ? ... what good does it do ? ...
Many reasons can be cited for paying heed to music (photo); the fact that it can raise goosebumps, draw tears, inspire, and connect is part of the many benefits of being human.
It's claimed that music is so influential on the human brain that the type of music listened to actually has the ability to change the way that person thinks and looks at the world.
When used in a worshipful manner music can be employed to offer praise to the Almighty Spirit Who first gave the great gift of music and the ability to create it and perform it to the human race, a gift which not only enriches the human experience but also reflects that same order and beauty which reign forever before His throne.
Any talent given us to perform music, to sing it, whistle it, notate it, improvise it, read it, analyze it, study and understand it, learn it, appreciate it for what it is, even our sense of hearing to consciously experience it -- all of this comes from above.
A beautiful composition written by an inspired composer does not develop in some kind of artistic vacuum; if asked, many composers will say that it comes from the Muse -- the source of inspiration and guiding genius from above, where creation has its home.
Every blessing people have which is theirs to enjoy -- whatever liberty and pursuit of happiness their form of government grants them, their life, their health, their food, their clothing, their shelter, their home furnishings, their family, their mind, their talents, their abilities, their friends, their worldly goods, their tools and equipment, their building materials, their animals, their land, their vehicles, the beauty of nature, the protective shield planet earth offers them -- all good things -- come from God.
The Almighty Creator seeks those Who will worship Him and actually instructs them in His Word to sing and make music in His name (Matt. 26:30, Mark 14:26, Col 2:16, Eph. 5:19).
Everything that has breath does well in giving Him a shout of praise in songs, hymns, and inspired instrumental music.

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