Jun. 16, 2021

Hymns, Part XII

(con't from Part XI)

(con't from Part XI)

"Except for the Bible, our hymnals provide the greatest treasure trove of theological and devotional material in existence anywhere."
-- Robert Morgan

This narrative previously published on social media displays a clear pro-hymnal bent, a leaning which comes about however by means of reasoned judgment.
It cannot be denied that a great deal of Bible-based Christian theology of significant educational value is embedded in the stanzas of what one finds in traditional hymn books.
Nevertheless ... however the music is packaged ... whether it's a traditional or contemporary hymn, a folk or sacred song, a choral plainchant, an anthem, a praise chorus, an unaccompanied vocal or instrumental solo, an organ piece from the standard repertoire or perhaps just a segment of it, whatever it is that one hears performed in a house of worship ... if it SINGS, it will pleasure the heart of God.
The Christian faith ... is a singing faith.

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