Jun. 2, 2021


Prolonged laser focusing on getting things

Prolonged laser focusing on getting things "perfect" each and every time we play the same work leads one to realize after a time that perfection is a mirage.
Perfection, when it comes to performance, is the art-killer.
The truth of the matter is, musicians never play a learned work exactly the same way twice -- no matter how long and hard they work to get a piece to perfection, each time they play it there will be a difference.
It will never be exactly the same, each and every time.
Organists therefore need to learn about spontaneity and believe in it [See blog, Just Play It].
At the same time they need to keep striving -- not for some kind of unvarying reproducable precision but for excellence -- so that a balance is arrived at which sounds smooth and polished.
We play for accuracy, of course, but not primarily; organ playing is many more things than that.

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