May. 29, 2021

Practicing and Memorizing, Part VIII

(con't from Part VII)
This pie chart (photo) isn't

(con't from Part VII)
This pie chart (photo) isn't "quite" how it is with everybody when organists sit down for routine practice, some of it may only apply to preparing for a consequential audition or recital -- some of it may not apply at all -- but it illustrates a meaningful point:
Practice time is precious.
It's important to enjoy the time with the instrument, to certainly spend part of that time running over things we already know and can play to keep it under our fingers and feet, perhaps trying different registrations, tempos, and touch, but, it's also important to keep it in balance with everything else that demands repetition and the keeping of good habits going to secure freedom in playing.
Everything in organ playing, including practicing, is balance [See blog, Balance In Organ Playing, Parts I-III].
(con't in Part IX)

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