Mar. 27, 2017

The Classics

DOC (photo, right):

DOC (photo, right): "Listen here Festus Haggen and you listen at me good ... you need to go to that newfangled OrganBench web site ... this is your chance to LEARN sumthin' for a change ... I'm gonna see the day when you amount to sumthin' with your education if it's the last thing I ever do."

FESTUS (photo, left): "Welllllll now Doc ya just can't be walkin' around all over this here town a-fixin' to tell everbody whut they oughta be a-thinkin' and doin' all the daggone day that ain't right!"

DOC: "Don't talk to me about what's right you ole pole cat."

FESTUS: "Nowwwwww Doc ya don't hafta fly off the handle that-a-way why doncha just calm down and stop all yer fussin' and tongue waggin' cuz all yer doin' is gittin' yerself all riled up fer nuthin'!!"

Actor Milburn Stone (photo, right) playing Doctor Galen Adams and actor Ken Curtis (photo, left) playing Deputy Sheriff Festus Haggen from the television series "Gunsmoke" ... two fictitious and classic characters from the cast of a great television series who managed to wander through Dodge City, Kansas in the last half of the 19th century ... during the 1870''s and 1880's... without the benefit of a notebook PC, wireless internet connection, or even electricity.
What if those same two classic characters from the Old West weren't so fictitious and living instead in today's world? ...
You still gotta love it.
It would be the same old wine, just in a new bottle.
The classics never go out of style.

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