Mar. 19, 2016

Being A "Little Bean"

So, compared to the rest of the birds, you say you're a

So, compared to the rest of the birds, you say you're a "little bean," almost tiny, and less visible?
So am I.
Your hands are on the small side? So are mine.
Your stretch on the keys, from thumb to pinkey finger, is smaller too? So is mine.
One hand may even be injured or scarred inside and abnormally stiff? Same here.
But that never stopped me. That never intimidated me.
In a world full of chirping birds dominated by the largest, most aggressive, and best known species, I'm barely a blip on their radar. But guess what ...
Ounce for ounce, I can do everything they can.
I've learned a very great deal from the rest of them, they could have learned a few things from me too, if they cared to. Too bad for them.
Sure, I'm not the same size they are, but that gives me an advantage.
Smaller birds are able to teach a few things to every other curious bird, and they can oversee another smaller bird in a special way.
While there are exceptions, of course, this isn't always true among the larger birds.
Being a little bean can be exciting.
It never stopped me.
And it shouldn't stop you.

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